Senior Kindy

Our Senior Kindy Room’s cater for children approximately from 2.5 – 4 years of age. In these room’s children are given the opportunity to explore new ideas and concepts as well as prepare them for Preschool the following year.
The program is developed from children’s interests as well as incorporating activities that assist children to achieve goals set by their parents and educator, children begin to develop independence skills in this age group, they begin to dress themselves, choose activities and become aware for other children and form friendships. Children are given the opportunity to contribute to the program their ideas and activities that they wish to engage in.
Some examples of activities that the child at this developmental stage should be doing:

Uses objects and materials to build or construct things, e.g. block tower, puzzle, clay, sand and water

Asks many questions
Hops, jumps and runs with ease
Understands when someone is hurt and comforts them
Shares, smiles and cooperates with peers
Holds crayon/pencil etc. between thumb and first two fingers

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Darren Lloyd 


Amazing staff who really care for the children. A lot of long term experienced teachers. Kirsty the director is Brilliant - such a warm lady who gives everybody the time of day.

Sam Thomas


As travels we had our child in few child care facilities but Freckles is the best of all we have experienced.
Sam & Marie
L'Appoline -French Food Delights
Tweed Heads

Vanessa Ward


Awesome environment...great centre and staff!!